Stefano Tordiglione

Founder, Stefano Tordiglione Design

Born in Italy, Stefano Tordiglione moved to New York to study and work in the 1990s. His first design position was in London, where he began working with internationally acclaimed Italian studios. Tordiglione’s interests are broad: he is an artist with works held in distinguished private art collections, and has worked with UNICEF as a project manager and art director, organising international events held in Italy.

From there he moved into the art field, doing several installations and personal projects before relocating to Hong Kong and founding Stefano Tordiglione Design in 2010. He values the freedom that is afforded to designers in Hong Kong and feels that truly innovative work can be achieved in the city. To achieve his vision, Tordiglione entrusts a team of architects and designers with similarly international backgrounds, improving the aesthetics and functionality of projects in the retail, hospitality, residential and other sectors.